Starfire manufactures a complete line of commercial and industrial LED sign products. The Y2K status is product dependent. Fully Y2K compliant means that the product is fully functional and no further modifications are required.


Version 3.05, released February 14, 1996, and releases with a larger version number are fully Y2K compliant. A four digit year code is maintained. It is required that the PC software and the appropriate sign control file be updated with 3.05 or later. All STARFIRE versions of software prior to 3.05 miscalculate all years from 2000 and on. This effects the date and time. An incorrect date and time can yield scheduling errors, date and time display errors, and lack of automatic daylight savings adjustments. All automated Windows interfaces are fully Y2K compliant.


RSA in not currently Y2K compliant. The PC program miscalculates the PC year when it transmits it to the sign. An updated version of the software is expected for second quarter ’99. An update is not currently available. Both the time and the date are incorrect if the current RSA software is used for a year after 1999.

8031 Industrial Controller.

All 8031 Industrial Controllers use dates that are sent, stored and displayed in a 2 digit format. The signs do no date based reconciliation and only display the last 2 digits of the year. In the year 2000 the sign will display year 00. All 8031 controllers are fully Y2K compliant.

Custom Interface.

If you have a custom interface designed by Starfire you should check with your Representative regarding the Y2K status.